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Manual or Electric Toothbrush? Posted

Heads Up - Electric Toothbrushes Read more

flossing.jpg You may have read conflicting reports about whether or not there are benefits to flossing. Here at Skye and Lochalsh Dental Practice we think flossing is an essential part of optimum oral hygiene and recommend doing it at least once per day.    Here are …  Read more

Strawberries.jpegCheck out this weeks myth buster- Do strawberries whiten your teeth?  Read more

Tooth Fairy Traditions Around The World Posted

toothfairy.jpgTake a look at how other cultures celebrate the tradition of the tooth fairy. Some of them way surprise you.  Read more

Welcome to our new site! Posted

We are delighted to welcome you to our new website! It is more user-friendly, has more information on various treatments and the services we provide, and looks, feels, and works better than our old site. It's been a lot of work putting this together but i…  Read more

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